Company Agrimontana, based in Borgo San Dalmazzo in the province of Cuneo in Italy , was established in 1972 and has since become a leader in the production of superior nut pastes, jams, preserves , and candied chestnuts. Over the past forty years, the company conducts research and improving production technology to meet the demanding tastes very demanding clientele , which is always very scrupulous in the choice of quality products and their usefulness.
This is one of the few companies “complete” cycle : from harvest to export products, including all the intermediate stages . Products Agrimontana, in fact, are the result of a rigorous selection of raw materials and minimal impact on it in the production process , excluding the various additives that allows to preserve the authenticity of the taste , which remains unchanged over time , thanks to modern methods of packaging.


Established in 1998 by Federico Maronati and Filippo Zampieron, Artigeniale is an international consultancy and training company dealing with the ice-cream sector. As experienced craftspeople, we focus our activities on quality, pay attention to detail, devise and implement customized solutions which fulfil our customers’ needs and plans best. From Italy, we serve our customers all over the world.


In 1996 the Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut and the French chocolate company Cacao Barry joined forces, creating a new company called Barry Callebaut. Both Cacao Barry and Callebaut were widely recognized in the food industry as reliable suppliers of high-quality products and as dependable business partners for thousands of whole¬sale and retail specialists in the chocolate industry. The merger combined Cacao Barry’s know-how in procurement and initial processing of cocoa beans with Calle¬baut’s extensive experience in producing and marketing chocolate products. Barry Callebaut has been producing cocoa and chocolate products for more than 150 years. We are a fully integrated company that masters every step from the sourcing of cocoa beans to the finest chocolate product. We are proud to serve the entire food industry, whether it be industrial food manufacturers or artisans and professional users of our products. Today, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products. We have a global network with production sites in Europe, Africa, North and Latin America and Asia/Pacific.


“Producing mixed and semi-processed ingredients for craftsmen and small industries, by constantly seeking innovative solutions with the goal of full end customer satisfaction.” We place value in craftsmanship, attentively monitoring sector needs to build solid trade relations:the stars of our Mission are all customers, large and small, who, like us, put quality and passion in their work every day. Over the years these goals have matched a vision that believes in a more ethical, responsible and transparent future market, tending to prefer product genuineness: this is one of the reasons why we embraced the “purity route” in the year 2000, committing ourselves to a promise of authenticity and excellence with our customers.


PreGel’s Gelato Shop line includes a wide range of technologically advanced commercial ice cream mixes and gelato ingredients with different preparation modes, responding to both the needs of experienced gelato makers as well as the novice gelato chef. PreGel’s team of experts also provides support and assistance to ice cream shops, guaranteeing to accompany them in their daily work and contribute to their success. Our goal is to give each gelato professional the possibility to craft artisan gelato of excellence in order to meet the needs of all ice cream lovers, from those that simply desire a delicious and tasty gelato, to the more health conscious that prefer their ice cream to be organic, gluten-free, enriched with milk cultures or sweetened with Stevia.