Cafe Sorriso

The interior in light, soft colors is carefully thought in details, which create the mood of “their” cafe, where you are always welcome.
Birthday party or meeting friends, date or just pastime – whatever the occasion, you can always go to Sorriso Cafe Gelato, have a great time, and have rest from worries and have delicious food.

Cooks of Sorriso periodically organize master classes with Italian colleagues. As a result, the menu is replete with these masterpieces of culinary art of Italy. The tastiest pyadina with mozzarella cheese, Italian salami or mortadella ham is prepared here. The worth mentioning pyadina is Romagnola with prosciutto, mozzarella and tomato. It is also very popular pasta Ravioli saffron with parmesan cheese. However, the highlight of Sorriso is of course, sweet.

On the basis of the ice cream here you can be offered delicious and amazingly beautiful cocktails. The Bar list contains more than twenty kinds of alcoholic drinks, among which special attention should be given to low-alcohol cocktail spritz. This is purely an Italian sparkling aperitif, which can be found not in all places, as it contains bitter Aperol which has no official distributor in Armenia, and so bought directly from Italy. A special place in Sorriso occupy natural teas with fresh fruits combined with cinnamon and ginger. Perhaps, this place can be the only tea-house throughout the North Avenue. Sometimes here cocktail evenings, when all the cocktails prices are of the same price or live music are organized. In summer Sorriso opens veranda with superb views of the Northern Avenue. Here you are offered a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a pleasant summer weather, sunlight and enjoy favorite meals outdoors.