5 Reasons to Visit Sorriso Gelato

Sorriso Gelato Cafe

Dear ice-cream lover, once you are in Armenia, it is absolutely necessary for you to visit Sorriso Gelato.

It is situated in the heart of the capital city of Armenia – Yerevan, in the Northern Avenue.

There are many reasons to visit Sorriso Gelato but we will represent to your attention 5 of them.

  1. The Taste

The ice-cream here is unbelievably tasty, the cakes have the most interesting look and taste, the coffee is breathtaking and it is the best in Armenia, let alone other food which will satisfy the demands of every client.

  1. The Atmosphere and The Staff

The atmosphere is fantastic for the friendly meetings, family gatherings and even for business meetings. The staff remains true to the name of the cafe Sorriso, which is translated as “smile” and they are too polite and smiley.

  1. Italian Chefs and Natural Product

The Italian chefs will make you feel the taste of the best Italian ice-cream: they import the best ingredients from Agrimontana, Artigianale, Barry Calibo, Chezari Pianelli, Guzo, Rouxette etc. Besides that, all the ingredients used in the process of making an ice-cream are only of natural basis.

  1. Variety of Flavors

Since 2012 Sorriso Gelato has become the well-known and adorable place for the millions of people from all over the world and it offers more than 40 flavors, which can be suitable for every taste.

  1. Diet Ice-Cream

If you want to eat and never get fat than Sorisso Gelato is a fantastic place for you. It is an amazing place for the people who like sweets but are on a diet as here you will be able to find diet ice-cream (and not only ice-cream) as well.

If you are not still sure why to visit Sorisso Gelato, then remember that there is an extra reason for visiting it too: the prices are not sky high and every person can afford to buy something.

So have a nice time eating the best ice-cream in the world.

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